Is Facebook the New King of Business Video Content?

Is Facebook the new king of business video content? There’s good reason to believe that there may be a new sheriff in town.

For years now, YouTube has been the go-to spot for content creators, website developers and video marketers looking to reach the masses and drive sales. However, some recent studies have shed some light on Facebook’s attempt to de-throne the monarch of video.

Facebook Loves To Share!

The trend that’s worth paying attention to is the ease of which videos are shared on Facebook’s platform. According to, videos on Facebook are shared 10 times more than on YouTube! Wowzers!

It helps that the king of social media has 1.86 billion monthly active users! Just over half that many actually have a YouTube account. The reason for that may be that YouTube makes its content so accessible–even to those without an account.

Whatever the reason, the organic way in which videos can be shared on Facebook has led to it becoming a prime spot for businesses and marketers to post their content.

Facebook Is Dominating the Organic “Share” Traffic

In fact, of all global video shares, claims that 60% of them come from Facebook alone. If you are going to view a video that has been referred to you, chances are it will be on Facebook.

That means that more videos are shared on Facebook than on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media combined!

It’s no wonder that Facebook has virtually caught up to YouTube in the number of uploaded videos and total time watched per month.

Now we don’t recommend dumping YouTube for Facebook. Rather a combined two-prong strategy is strongly encouraged.

But if you’re not uploading native video content to Facebook, it’s time to get started! And I say native, because Facebook’s algorithms heavily favor native video over linked YouTube or Vimeo content. Even if it means taking a little extra time to upload the same video twice, do it! It’ll be worth it in total reach.

Include Video In Daily Facebook Posts

If you’re wanting your posts to be noticed, I cannot stress enough the importance of video.

On Facebook, videos are shared 12 times more than posts with just text or links combined! That’s according to And there is simply no better way to get FREE exposure than for users to be sharing your message FOR YOU.

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, etc. have paved the way for marketers and small businesses to get their message heard. Like the internet and blogging before it, social media helps level the playing field.

While you don’t need a huge budget to run a successful social media marketing campaign these days, you DO need to educate yourself on best practices…

…And creating video content to include in your social media strategy is a no-brainer today! This is a gift in the lap of anyone wanting to make more money, increase sales, boost their brand, or get their message out! No go out there and start creating some awesome videos.